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06th Mar 2018

Website Design Trends March 2018

Web design is constantly evolving, we now use multiple mobile devices to access websites and the design of sites reflects this. Storm Website Design are always researching the latest app and web design trends and technologies. Now spring has arrived, we look at the latest Web Design trends in March 2018.

Poster Themed Homepages

Full screen web pages using large images or videos have been very popular for some time now, however the design has now evolved which involves the removal of menus and navigation, and reduced text content for a poster style feel.

Same Spectrum Colour Themes

The use of a dominant colour theme has also become very popular. This is also a good way to customise the website design to better reflect the corporate colours of the business itself. It also helps provide a more bespoke website design.


With more and more flexibility arriving, sites are now implementing text and graphics with gradients, without having to use images. Sometimes an effective way to lift a web page with limited information.

For more details on web design trends and how we can implement on your website, please contact us.

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