SEO Aberdeen

SEO Aberdeen

SEO Aberdeen, or Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen refers to the optimising of web content so make the content easier to find by major search engines such as Google.

When we refer to SEO Aberdeen, this simply means we wish to target people searching for the term SEO Aberdeen, or Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen.

The main aim with SEO, is to target the correct keywords and phrases, sometimes it's simpler to target several smaller terms, rather than concentrate on the larger more difficult search terms. We also provide SEO around Scotland, for SEO Scotland information please follow the link.

Some of the processes we use in our SEO are listed below.

  • Local Keyword research and analysis - such as terms using the word "Aberdeen"
  • Keyword competition research, including other Aberdeen based companies
  • Website development and design coding
  • Link building analysis
  • Search engines change the way they index web pages on a weekly basis; we keep up to date with the latest known algorithms and web trends to offer the best advice possible to our customers
  • Best practices to keep your website up to date with relevant keyword rich content
  • Storm believe that for your website to reach your target audience, SEO needs to be carried out, even at a basic level. Failure to do so will mean that your site will become virtually invisible. Contact us to find out how our search optimisation of your website can improve your visibility.
  • Google Pagerank tips
  • Do not sell links from your website, this is now officially against Google Webmaster Guidelines.
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