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27th Sep 2016

Google Penguin Updates September 2016

Google has updated the core search algorithm to Penguin 4.0. This is the fourth major release and Google says Penguin is a real time signal processed part of it's core search algorithm.

Penguin initially aimed to reduce spamming sites, and it operated periodically. Sites that were caught, would be deemed spammy and were penalised, and remained so even if the content was improved.

Now, the Penguin algorithm will act in real time, so spammy content will still be penalised, however if the content is improved, then the penalty can be removed relatively quickly.

Google has different crawl rates for websites, and if your site is indexed regularly, then the chances are that any penalties enforced, can then be resolved sooner.

Another major change, is that Penguin 4.0 will become more page specific, not site-wide penalties.

Although this latest update is not fully live, expect it to roll out in the early weeks of October 2016.

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