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28th Feb 2018

Search Engine Optimisation Tips (SEO tips) - February 2018

Search Engine Optimisation can indeed be a complex matter, however there are many ways to optimise your website using your own Content Management System. If you don't have a Content Management System - CMS - then we at Storm will happily build one for you, either on your existing website, or if you need a new website design.

Below are some simple tips on Optimising your web site for improved results in Google search.

Research your keywords and phrases

Don't ignore medium sized keywords

Add longer key-phrases to the website pages

Optimise your title tags

Add emotion to your title tags

Optimise the page titles

Use powerful words

Add facts and statistics to stories and titles

Optimise your page descriptions

Research competitor high ranking websites

Research Google PPC advert campaign wording

Don't leave out your primary target keywords

Place the most important content at the top of the page

Include interesting introductions on your website pages

Develop more in-depth web page content

Make sure your content can be understood by people

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