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21st Sep 2016

Some SEO tips to help your Google Rankings

Here are some basic tips on how to improve the content within your website, which over time should also improve your Google Search Rankings. This is especially true for local search.

To begin with, it is worth reviewing the content on each page of the website. In the past it was all too easy to stuff the page full of keywords and phrases, in the hope that Google would reward the web site with higher search rankings.

However Google is always developing the algorithms to ensure the end user has a better experience, and gets the information they require easily and quickly. There are many elements within building the website to help ensure the basics that help with SEO will be covered. Today we will discuss the on page content and how it can be improved.

To begin with, try and write the content suitable for human readers, not just the search engines. This is often referred to as "Quality Content", but many people are still not sure exactly what that term means.

Try not to fill the page content with too many keywords, this is likely to make the page harder to read and therefore lower the quality. Simple things such as a spellcheck and ensuring the grammar is of a good standard will also improve the quality of the page.

In a recent article by Search Engine Watch, you can use a simple tool to test the content and get a score for the quality. Try and keep sentences and paragraphs relatively short, and as a result the user experience is simplified. However a good web page should also contain enough relative information to help the user get as much information as they can on the subject.

There are many more tips we can offer, please feel free to contact us for more information on how Storm can assist with your SEO needs.

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