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08th Mar 2017

Why is content so important on a website and for SEO

It is very important that the content on your website is optimised for your target audience, and for Search Engine Optimisation. If you want to rank high in Google search, then web content plays a very important role.

Content should engage the audience, and encourage them to return to the website on a regular basis. However to ensure the user wants to return, the content must be of high quality. We at Storm aim to provide web users with important and useful web industry information, and try our best to ensure that all content on the site is relevant to the search term, and the requirements of our audience.

We aim to publish accurate content, that is also free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

The aim to retain clients and encourage potential clients, with the provision of good quality content on a regular basis. Hopefully gaining trust and return visits.

Storm are happy to assist you with any content questions, website design, or indeed assistance with SEO.

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